Preliminary pre-meeting outline (Tuesday 08:45 - 18:00)

08:45-09.05 Introduction - Rachel Lennon/Thomas Benzing

Session I: Podocyt-omics: big data, big discoveries?

Andreas Beyer: System biology: Analysis of large-scale omics datasets

4 x selected talks

10:50-11:15 Break
11:15-13:15 Poster session and lunch: guided poster session until 12:15/30, followed by lunch and discussions at the posters until 13:15/30

Session II: Models to investigate podocyte biology

Melissa Little: The future of kidney organoids modelling

4 x selected talks

15:20-15:45 Break

Session III: Round table discussions - What does the future hold?

With: Andreas Beyer, Katalin Susztak, Richard Coward, Christoph Schell, Melissa Little, Ron Korstanje, Jeff Miner, Rachel Lennon, Thomas Benzing, Randy Levinson & Susan Allison

Topics: Mult-omics approaches, Imaging the glomerular filtration barrier, Podo-signalling, In vivo and in vitro models – their (dis-)advantages, GBM dynamics, Publishing without perishing and Career development

Pre-meeting dinner

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