Preliminary main meeting outline (Wednesday - Friday)

Day 1 (Wednesday 8.30am-6pm)

08.30-09.00 Welcome: Professor Graham Lord, Dean FBMH, local organising committee and NephCure

Plenary session I: Podocyte signalling pathways and genetic screening

Basic: Podocyte signalling pathways Discussion lead: Mira Krendel

Britta George: Crosstalk between the slit diaphragm and cell-matrix adhesions

Christoph Schell: Signals to the cytoskeleton (20)

Friedhelm Hildebrandt: Rho/Rac/CDC42 signalling in steroid resistant nephrotic syndrome

Selected abstracts

- Break (30 mins) -

Translation: Genetic screening in glomerular disease Discussion lead: Martin Pollak

Matt Sampson: The genetic architecture of nephrotic syndrome from rare to common variants

Corinne Antignac: New insights into Galloway-Mowat syndrome

Danny Gale: What genetic cohort studies reveal about glomerular disease

Selected abstracts

12.30-14.00 Lunch and Poster Session I

Plenary Session II: Cellular crosstalk and immune mediated glomerular disease

Basic: Cellular crosstalk Discussion lead: Stuart Shankland

Marcus Moeller: Functional roles of parietal epithelial cells

Becky Foster: Signals from the endothelium

Pierre-Louis Tharaux: Mechanisms of glomerular cell proliferation and migration

Selected abstracts

- Break (30 mins)

Translation: Immune mediated glomerular disease Discussion lead: Pierre Ronco

Jonathan Barratt: IgA nephropathy- new mechanisms and management

Marina Noris: Targeting complement to treat glomerular disease

Silke Brix: ANCA and podocytes

Selected abstracts


Keynote 1:

Menna Clatworthy: Lessons from single cell RNA sequencing

Welcome Reception: Manchester Museum

Day 2 (Thursday 8am-6pm)

08.00-0.8.45 Breakfast Session 1: Meeting the Journal Editors

Keynote 2:

Martin Humphries: A systems approach to adhesion signalling


Plenary Session III: The cell-matrix interface and podocyte pathology

Basic: The cell-matrix interface Discussion lead: Jeff Miner

Nicole Endlich: Visualising podocyte-matrix interactions

Denise Marciano: Nephronectin and mesangial cell adhesion

Selected abstracts

- Break (30 mins) -

Translation: Podocyte pathology Discussion lead: Agnes Fogo

Thomas Benzing: The molecular pathogenesis of proteinuria

Hani Suleiman: Basement membrane defects in transplant glomerulopathy

Moumita Barua: Defining glomerular phenotypes with image analysis and machine learning

Selected abstracts

13.00-14.30 Lunch and Poster Session 2

Plenary Session IV: Experimental models and drug development

Basic: Disease models Discussion lead: Sue Quaggin

Ron Korstanje: The influence of genetic background on disease phenotype in mice

Mario Schiffer: Deciphering the role of CD2AP with mechanistic studies in zebrafish and drosophila

Benjamin Freedman: Modelling disease in kidney organoids

Selected abstracts

- Break (30 mins) -

Translation: Drug development Discussion lead: Andrey Shaw

Aliza Thompson: Drug development- a regulatory perspective

Matthew Breyer: Common drug targets in glomerular disease

Peter Mundel: Precision medicine for podocytopathy

Selected abstracts

Conference sport: 5K run/football/other
Conference dinner: The Principal Hotel. Marilyn Farquhar award presentation

Day 3 (Friday 8am-6.30pm)

08.00-08.45 Breakfast Session 2: Meeting the Mentors

Plenary Session V: Metabolic pathways and drug targets in metabolic kidney disease

Basic: Metabolic pathways Discussion lead: Alessia Fornoni

Catherine Meyer-Schwesinger: Protein turnover in glomerular disease

Richard Coward: GSK3 as a critical regulator of podocyte function

Markus Rinschen: Metabolomic activity and its proteomic crosstalk

Selected abstracts

- Break (30 mins) -

Translation: Drug targets in metabolic kidney disease Discussion lead: Tobias Huber

Anna Greka: Small molecule therapy to reverse proteinopathy

Rama Natarajan: Metabolic memory in diabetic kidney disease

Fabiola Terzi: Endothelial-podocyte cross-talk drives aging nephropathy

Selected abstracts


Keynote 3:

Melissa Little: Human kidney organoids in perspective

13.00-14.30 Lunch and Poster Session 3

Plenary Session VI: Systems biology and biomarkers

Basic: Systems biology Discussion lead: Katalin Susztak

Paul Brinkotter: The role of anaerobic glycolysis in glomerular barrier integrity

Matthias Kretzler: Molecular signatures for targeting patients to trials in glomerular disease

Ana Konvalinka: Microproteomics in transplant glomerulopathy

Selected abstracts

- Break (30 mins) -

Translation: Disease biomarkers and circulating factors Discussion lead: Moin Saleem

Jochen Reiser: Strategies for targeting circulating factors

Joshua J. Zaritsky: LDL apheresis in nephrotic syndrome

Selected abstracts

18.00-18.30 Final remarks and announcement of 2022 IPC host
Speakers dinner: Christies

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