Keynote Speakers

Professor Ann Langley, HEC Montreal

'Between Patients, Professions and Politics: Managerial Agency in Health Care Reform'

In the context of ongoing waves of health care reform, senior managers of health care organizations find themselves at the nexus of top-down political forces demanding policy implementation and bottom-up pressures from powerful professional groups. In addition, they share the responsibility of ensuring high quality health care delivery to users of the health care system. How do managers, as crucial agents at the heart of the health care system engage with and contribute to the enactment of health care reform? Drawing on research findings and practice-based theories, this presentation will explore the implications of the different forms of institutional work that senior managers engage in as they navigate these diverse pressures and influence the shape of reform on the ground.

Professor Ewan Ferlie, King’s College London

'The UK Health Policy Process: Integration, Fragmentation or Pluralisation?'

The talk will explore recent changes in the UK health policy process. It will suggest that the integration/fragmentation binary useful in the analysis of service delivery is not so helpful at this macro level. Here the tension is between narrowly and more broadly scoped policy processes. This tension will be explored in relation to some vignettes of the UK health policy process. It will be concluded that there is evidence of pluralisation, but in a bounded fashion.

Warren Heppolette, Executive Lead – Strategy & System Development, Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership