The draft programme is now available. Click here for information on the main conference and here for information on the Researcher Development Day.

Winners of the Best Paper Awards:

OBHC 2020 Highly Commended PhD Paper: Susan Usher, Jean-Louis Denis, Élizabeth Côté-Boileau, Johanne Préval, G. Ross Baker, Samia Chreim “What does it mean to have quality drive healthcare reforms? Ontario's experience”

OBHC 2020 Highly Commended PhD Paper: Christian P. Kortkamp, Clarissa E. Weber, Indre Maurer “Micro-strategies to enforce competing demands in interprofessional collaboration: The case of geriatric nurses and general practitioners in German nursing homes”

OBHC 2020 Liz West Best PhD Paper: Hanna Carlsson, Roos Pijpers “Crafting outreach and social support services for older migrants: Convergence and divergence in two local landscapes of health and social care in the Netherlands”

OBHC 2020 Highly Commended Paper: Mhorag Goff, Damian Hodgson, Michael Bresnen, Simon Bailey “The ambiguous workaround: Exploring the tensions between stability and change in healthcare innovation”

OBHC 2020 Best Paper: Ian Kirkpatrick, Alessandro Zardini, Gianluca Veronesi “Professional re-stratification and the (defensive) adaptation of status hierarchies: Medical management in English public hospitals”