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17th International Conference on Molecule Based Magnets

13 - 17 June 2021

Welcome to ICMM2021, Manchester. ICMM2021 will be held in the first city of the industrial revolution, where atomic theory was founded by John Dalton, and where Rutherford discovered the atomic nucleus. Molecular magnetism has been a core activity in Manchester since the 1960s with work led by Jack Lewis, Frank Mabbs and David Machin, and so we are very proud of our history.

We have a packed four-day programme with three excellent satellite meetings in locations that are easily reached by rail. Manchester is a wonderful city to visit with great restaurants and bars. We are in the centre of the UK with a major international airport with direct flights to both coasts of the USA and to many destinations in Asia.

We very much look forward to welcoming you to our vibrant city in June 2021.

Prof. Richard Winpenny and Dr Nicholas Chilton

Co-Organisers, ICMM2021