Rising Star Symposium

We welcome early career researchers working in the field of molecular magnetism to take part in the Rising Star Symposium of ICMM2021. This satellite meeting is an online pre-conference event that will last for a day and half, commencing on the morning of Thursday, 10th June (GMT+1, UK time).

The focus of this meeting is to provide opportunities for early career researchers to present their research and to network with their peers in the broad fields of molecular magnetism and functional molecular materials and devices. Whilst the broad themes of this symposium are in the synthesis, characterisation and calculations of magnetic materials and molecular magnets, we welcome scientists from the wider community to take part, as for example from areas including electronic devices, electronic conductors, ionic conductors, surface science, supramolecular self-assembly, MOFs and synergistic materials. We aim to be inclusive of all early career researchers, considered to be anyone between postgraduate and established career stages.


This event will consist of invited talks from early career researchers, selected from the abstracts submitted to the main ICMM2021 conference. Note that if you want your talk to be considered for this symposium, you will need to select the corresponding option during registration to the main ICMM2021. The deadline for abstract submission is 14th May 2021; please submit your abstract HERE.

We will inform attendees about whether or not they have been awarded an oral presentation after the ICMM registration deadline. The provisional programme will start at 7.30 am and 18.00 pm UK time for the morning and evening sessions, respectively.


Registration for this satellite symposium is completely free of charge. REGISTER HERE

Book of Abstracts:

The final book of abstracts, including programme, is now live HERE.

If you have any questions regarding this symposium, please email icmm2020@manchester.ac.uk adding “RISING STAR” to the email subject.

We look forward to welcoming you all for this symposium and the main ICMM2021!

Dr Floriana Tuna, Dr Daniel Reta and Dr Helena Shepherd.

Co-Organisers, Rising Star Symposium ICMM2021.