1st International Conference on Construction Circular Economy

8 - 9 July 2019

The University of Manchester

Being the first of its kind, the First International Conference on Construction Circular Economy (ICCCE2019) provides a platform to launch a transformative journey to change the existing wasteful linear development models of the construction industry to a virtuous circular economy.

In this conference, we will explore the vast fields of value retention for both new and existing construction. We will propose solutions to tackle challenging technical problems and debate how to reconfigure business models to accelerate circular economy.

This conference is jointly organised by a number of pioneers of academic research on construction circular economy supported by an eminent group of international scientific committee members active in this field. A number of world-renowned academics and practitioners will deliver their inspiring keynote lectures.

This will be a truly collaborative conference between industry and academia. A large number of industrial practitioners will be invited to attend the conference to share their experiences with academic researchers.

The Organising Team