CCP5 Annual General Meeting 2018

Advances in Simulations and Theory of Soft Matter Systems. Facing the Challenges.

10 - 12 September 2018

CCP5 is the Collaborative Computational Project for computer simulation of condensed phase materials at length scales spanning from atomistic to mesoscopic levels. Materials of interest include liquids, polymers, solids, surfaces and interfaces, and macromolecules. We aim to facilitate collaborations by bringing together modellers, experimentalists and industrialists.

Key Dates

Call for abstracts opens 1st February 2018
Absract submission closes 30th April 2018 - extended until 15th May 2018
Notification of acceptance (poster or oral) 25th May 2018
Registration deadline 8th June 2018


Alessandro Patti and Flor Siperstein, School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science, The University of Manchester.

A special thank to Carlos Avendaño, Paola Carbone, Andrew Masters and Thomas Rodgers for helping out with the organisation.

The organisers would also like to thank CCP5 and the Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics Group (SMTG) of the Royal Society of Chemistry for sponsoring this meeting. CCP5 is funded predominantly by the UK's Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).