Invited Speakers

Keynote speakers:
Prof. Fernando Escobedo, Cornell University, USA (Optimizing the Ordered Self-Assembly of Soft and Hard Nanoscale Building Blocks: Pure Components and Alloys)
Prof. Francesco Sciortino, Sapienza University, Italy (Collective behaviour of DNA-made particles)

Guest speakers
Prof. Josep Bonet, Rovira i Virgili University, Spain (Kinetic exchange of copolymer surfactants in micelles)
Dr. David Fairen, University of Cambridge, UK (The Role of High-throughput Computational Screening in Materials Discovery)
Prof. Andrei Zvelindovsky, University of Lincoln, UK (Block copolymers in confinements and under external fields)

Industry speakers
Dr. Carlos Nieto-Draghi, IFP Energies Nouvelles, France (Coarse-grained modeling of complex fluids and electrolytes. From parameterization to applications)
Prof. Martin Trusler, Imperial College London, UK (Thermophysical Properties and Phase Behaviour of Fluids for Application in Geological Carbon Storage)