Polymers for Advanced Technologies 11 - 13 September 2017

Welcome to the 14th International Conference on Polymers for Advanced Technologies (PAT 2017), which will be held in Manchester (United Kingdom) on September 11-13, 2017.

PAT conferences are held on a biannual basis in locations that in the past have included Jerusalem (1987), Oxford (1993), Pisa (1995), Leipzig (1997), Tokyo (1999), Eilat (2001), Fort Lauderdale (2003), Budapest (2005), Shanghai (2007), Jerusalem (2009), Lodz (2011), Berlin (2013) and Hangzhou (2015); they are associated with the Polymers for Advanced Technologies journal (Wiley).

PAT 2017 is organised by Profs Nicola Tirelli (University of Manchester) and Cameron Alexander (University of Nottingham) and will focus on three main themes:

- life and health

- energy and electronics

- synthesis and sustainability

A number of distinguished speakers have already agreed to present in the exciting programme of our conference, which will be hosted in the town cradle of the industrial revolution, a fitting location for a technology-orientated conference.

We are still welcoming potential presenters to submit their poster abstracts for consideration until a FINAL DEADLINE of 4th September 2017.(The deadline for oral submissions has passed)

Early Bird Registration is available until 12th August 2017.

See you in Manchester!

Keynote addresses

Eugenia Kumacheva (University of Toronto)

Andreas Lendlein (Helmoltz Institute of Biomaterial Science)

Krzysztof Matyjaszewski (Carnegie Mellon University)

Jian Pei (Peking University)

Confirmed speakers

Rigoberto Advincula (Case Western Reserve University)

Alexander Bismarck (University of Vienna)

Paola Carbone (The University of Manchester)

Paolo Decuzzi (Italian Institute of Technology)

Avi Domb (Hebrew University)

Dirk Grijpma (University of Twente)

Sophie Guillaume (Université de Rennes)

Jöns Hilborn (Uppsala University)

Harm-Anton Klok (EPFL)

Teruyuki Komatsu (Chuo University)

Jean-Francois Lutz (Université de Strasbourg)

Alvaro Mata (Queen Mary University of London)

Sebastien Perrier (University of Warwick)

Andrea Pucci (University of Pisa)

Steve Rannard (University of Liverpool)

Wim Thielemans (University of Leuven)

Tao Xie (Zhejiang University)

Alex Zelikin (Aarhus University)