Plenary Speakers

Tim Bugg

Tim Bugg is Professor of Biological Chemistry at the University of Warwick. His academic career started at the University of Southampton in 1991, where his group studied enzymes involved in the bacterial degradation of aromatic compounds and enzymes involved in bacterial peptidoglycan assembly. Since moving to Warwick in 1999, his group has more recently studied enzymes involved in bacterial degradation of lignin, and the application of biocatalysis to convert lignin into renewable aromatic chemicals. He is the author of the undergraduate textbook “Introduction to Enzyme and Coenzye Chemistry”.

'Bacterial Enzymes for Lignin Degradation'

Alessandra Quadrelli

Alessandra is director of research of the French National Centre for Scientific Research, CNRS, at the nanochemistry platform of the C2P2 labs. She also chairs the CPE Lyon Engineering School Sustainable Development Chair and is Associate Editor of the RSC journal “Green chemistry”.

Her research focuses on developing molecular understanding of the interaction between organometallic precursors and solid surfaces of SiO2, MOFs and 2D wafers (among other solids). She applies this understanding to the synthesis of heterogeneous catalysts and thin films aimed at renewable energy utilization. She considers her Top-3 professional achievements: A new mechanism for N2 cleavage (SCIENCE, 2007), the creation of the “CO2 forum” conferences ( and the synthesis of a MoS2 monolayer by Atomic Layer Deposition, ALD (NANOSCALE, 2017).

'Surface Organometallic Chemistry on MOFs, POPs and Inorganic Oxides for CO2 and N2 Reduction: En route to Renewable Energies Storage'

Enrico Tronconi

Enrico Tronconi is a Professor of Chemical Engineering at the Department of Energy of Politecnico di Milano, Italy. His research interests concern the applications of Catalytic Reaction Engineering to environmental protection and energy conversion. Enrico has investigated DeNOx aftertreatment technologies during the last twenty years. He is also active in the study of novel structured catalysts and reactors for process intensification.

'The NH3-SCR Redox Cycle over Cu-CHA: Insights from Transient Response Methods'