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Organising Committee

Organising Committee Chair: Prof. Chris Hardacre, University of Manchester

Circular Economy- Chemical Recycling and Emerging Sustainable Polymers

Prof Arthur Garforth, University of Manchester

Prof Matt Davidson, University of Bath

Prof Vasile Parvulescu, University of Bucharest


Dr Xiaolei Fan, University of Manchester

Dr Ying Yan, South China University of Technology

Emission Control

Dr Nancy Artioli, Queens University, Belfast

Dr. Todd Toops, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Biomass- Catalysis for biomass valorisation

Prof Justin Hargreaves, University of Glasgow

Prof Karen Wilson, RMIT, Australia


Dr Chunfei Wu, Queens University, Belfast

Prof Leon Lefferts, University of Twente

Dr Jun Huang, The University of Sydney

Secretariat: Jennifer Carlson and Aimie Gornall