Streams and Convenors

  1. Extreme Ethnography? Craft, Ethics and Edgework in ‘Extreme Work’ Research’ – Ed Granter/Leo McCann (University of Manchester)
  2. Organisational Ethnographies of Health and Care’ – Damian Hodgson, Paula Hyde, Simon Bailey, Adam Brisley, Kath Checkland (University of Manchester)
  3. History and Ethnography’ – Stephanie Decker (Aston University) and John Hassard (Manchester Business School, University of Manchester)
  4. Marketing’ – Tim Hill (University of Bath) and Dr Robin Canniford (University of Melbourne)
  5. Infrastructures of Education’ - Helene Ratner & Katja Brøgger, Danish School of Education, Aarhus University
  6. Ethnography and International Development’ –Arun Kumar (University of York) & Jonathan Murphy (Universirty of Cardiff)
  7. (What’s new in) Visual Ethnography’ - Sam Warren (University of Cardiff), Harriet Shortt (University of West of England) Steve Linstead (University of York) & Garance Marechal (University of Liverpool)
  8. Political Economy’ – Adam Leaver (University of Manchester) & Keir Martin (University of Oslo)
  9. Matter and Organisation’ - Hannah Knox, University College, London
  10. Silver Linings: The creative potential of uncertain times’ - Jessica Symons (University of Manchester)
  11. Autoethnography in a political mode’ – Daniel King (Nottingham Trent University), Patrick Reedy, (University of Hull), Clair Doloriert (Bangor Business School)
  12. ‘Cyborg Ethnography: Future cultures and technologies of power – Felicity Heathcote-Márcz (University of Manchester), Andy Miah (University of Salford)
  13. Marketography - Ethnographies of Markets - Daniel Neyland & Vera Ehrenstein (Goldsmiths University), Dean Pierides (University of Manchester)
  14. Ethnographies of Transgression, Criminal Justice and Law’ – Jo Deakin, Geoff Pearson & Hilary Pilkington (University of Manchester)
  15. Post-Industrial Precarity: What Hope for an Infrastructural Politics of Urban Planning?’ - Gillian Evans (University of Manchester)
  16. Spaces of Citizenship’ – Eeva Luhtakallio, Maija Jokela & Georg Boldt, (University of Tampere)
  17. Timescapes: pasts, presents and futures’ - Rachel Hurdley, Bella Dicks and Kate Moles (University of Cardiff)
  18. “Messy” ethnographies for “messy” social realities – Alexandra Plows (University of Bangor)
  19. Arts and politics: from radical perspectives to innovative interventions’ - Elen Riot (Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne), Elena Raviola (University of Gothenburg) & Claudia Schnugg
  20. Organizing Outsiders and their Spaces’ – Mona Florian, Jana Costas (European University Viadrina) & Gideon Kunda (Tel Aviv University)
  21. Ethnography and Emotion - Hamid Foroughi (Portsmouth Business School, University of Portsmouth), Neil Sutherland & Jenna Pandeli (University of West of England)
  22. Ethnographies of Demise’ - Amanda Peticca & Marcos Barros (Grenoble Ecole de Management), Bob Gephart (University of Alberta)
  23. Open Stream
  24. Native Anthropologists and Organisational Ethnography’ - Derek Shaw (WOC COS) and Kenneth Ehrensal (Kutztown University)
  25. Critical Investigative Ethnography in Organisations’ - Frans Kamsteeg & Harry Wels (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Steven Robbins (Stellenbosch University, TBC); Juliette Koning (Oxford Brookes University TBC)
  26. ‘Sport in Ethnography: Haze, Crises, and Wonder’ - Dan Parnell and Elena Balcaite (Manchester Metropolitan University)