The Road to Manchester

The Road to Manchester #ethnog17 – pre-conference invitation,

From Samantha Warren

How can we understand the moving body in organisational ethnography?

How can new technologies help generate data on the sensory and embodied dimension of organisation-on-the-go?

This is an invitation to participate in an experiment using the photo-based app ‘instagram’, the results of which will be shown during the conference. To take part, you will need a smartphone with the instagram app installed and an instagram account. Instagram can be downloaded for free on either from either Google Play (for Android devices) or the App store via iTunes for iPhones/ iPads. As you prepare for our wonderful assembly in Manchester, please upload pictures through the app that represent your journey, adding the hashtag #ethnog17 in the comments box (this is very important to do or I won’t be able to find the images) and include one line of text comment as a caption that explains why you took it. I’d also like you to use the ‘filters’ and ‘edit’ function of the app to give the photo just the right ‘mood’ for the moment. Take photos of what you’re doing, feeling, sensing, thinking… anything that takes your fancy about preparing for/ travelling to the conference.

If you are interested further, Sam will be giving a paper on the potential of instagram for organisational ethnography in the (Whats New In?) Visual Ethnography track on the Thursday.