Building Alternative Livelihoods in times of ecological and political crisis

Postponement of conference until July 5th 2021

It will not come as a surprise that given the global Covid 19 pandemic we have been forced to postpone the conference. We do so with deep regret. The conference is now planned to go ahead in the week of July 5th 2021. The conference will retain is existing overarching theme of ‘Building Alternative Livelihoods’. It will also keep existing subthemes. However, clearly the overarching theme has new importance in the light of the global pandemic. We will be sending out a new additional call looking more specifically at the implications of the Covid 19 pandemic for building and rebuilding alternative livelihoods. It is planned that the conference in July 2021 will have a much larger virtual component than the original conference planned for September 2020.

We do deeply regret having to postpone the conference until next year. The team at Manchester did explore the possibility of doing the conference as a virtual conference in September 2020. However, given the lockdown in the UK and after discussion with the conference administration at Manchester University, it become apparent that the capacity did not exist to do this in September 2020. The plan is to have a larger virtual component to the conference in 2021.

We would like to thank you for your patience in waiting for this update. We are sorry we could not announce it sooner. As you can imagine it has been very difficult to reorganise the dates of the conference in current conditions.

The Local Organising Committee, Manchester