PodoArt Submission

Podocytes are the most amazing cell type and make for a spectacular visual down the microscope. To celebrate the beauty of the podocyte, we have setup an art gallery for #podocyte2021 and are looking for your podocyte image. No matter whether you are a researcher or not, everybody is welcome to participate. We are running two different competitions. In the first category, we will nominate the best Artwork (e.g. drawings, crafting) inspired by podocytes and in a second competition we are looking for the most impressive scientific image (e.g. immunofluorescence microscopy, electron microscopy) of a podocyte or the glomerular filtration barrier.

We look forward to your fantastic entries. The winner of the Art competition will be announced on the patient day and the winner of the scientific category will be awarded on the pre-meeting.

To submit your own PodoArt, please go to https://registrations.hg3conferences.co.uk/podoart.

Closing date for PodoArt submission has been extended to Monday 19th July 2021.