Outline Programme

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Course goal: To explore and understand the opportunities, challenges and methods for capturing and using digital data to support high-quality epidemiological research

Course Overview

Day 1: Electronic health records and data linkage


Welcome, introductions and course overview

  • + Show and tell: delegates’ experiences of EHR and linkage projects
John McBeth, UoM

Analysing EHR data: entry point/ state of the art

  • Exposures and outcomes and confounders
Ian Douglas, LSHTM
1030-1100 Drug preparation algorithm practical Mark Lunt, UoM

Coffee break


Analysing EHR data: text mining

  • Theory and practical
Goran Nenadic + team, UoM



Analysing EHR data: machine learning

  • Machine learning and EHRs
John Rigg, IQVIA

More data from one region: data linkage

  • Experience from SAIL
David Ford, Swansea

Coffee break


More data from more regions: federated analyses

  • Federated analyses and EHDEN
Dani Prieto-Alhambra, UoOxford
Nigel Hughes, Janssen

Day 2: Patient-generated data: smartphones


Epidemiology using digital patient-generated data

  • Introduction
  • Show and tell: delegates’ experience of patient-generated data projects
Will Dixon, UoM

Lessons learned from Manchester mobile health studies, including
Cloudy with a Chance of Pain

Will Dixon & team
Coffee break
1100-1300 Public involvement and designing systems for collecting patient-generated data
  • Co-design, patient and public involvement
  • Test your public involvement design (P)
Caroline Sanders, UoM
Patient partners

Options for running an mHealth study

  • Working with an SME
  • Using ResearchKit
  • Using RedCap
  • Partnership with University groups
  • + Panel discussion

Ben James and Jonathan Moshinsky, uMotif
Valentin Hamy, GSK
Yama Farooq, University of Oxford
Adrian Harwood, UoM

Coffee break
1545-1630 Analysis of temporally-rich patient data Thomas House, UoM
1630-1715 Keynote: The Future of a Digital NHS Rachel Dunscombe, CEO NHS Digital Academy
Day 3: Patient-generated data: sensors and social media

Epidemiology using sensor data and digital traces

  • Introduction
  • Show and tell: delegates’ projects with sensor data
Sabine van der Veer, UoM

How to collect data passively

  • What’s available in wearable devices, and what might you get from them
Justin Phillips, Google
Coffee break

Using accelerometers in epidemiological research

  • Evaluating physical activity in epidemiology studies
Tessa Strain, University of Cambridge

Sensor data collected via active tasks

Valentin Hamy, GSK

Using GPS in research studies

  • Opportunities, challenges and governance (P)
Niels Peek, UoM



Digital endpoints/ outcomes/ biomarkers

  • Validating and qualifying digital biomarkers for regulatory approvals

Elin Haf Davies, Aparito

Coffee break


Digital interventions

  • Digital interventions: the story so far from Sleepio
  • Future directions for digital interventions

Alasdair Henry, Big Health
Rashmi Narayana, Medopad

* practical session